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Why You See Blank Adsense Space And How You Can Get It Resolved.

Why You See Blank Adsense Space And How You Can Resolve It.

After days of lamenting online about my ads not displaying, I even went extra miles by contacting my hosting site. Little did they know that it was google that caused the whole issue.

At first, I thought it was because of the new ads unit improvement from Google because it was almost the same time Google the saga started.

Google new ads improvement, my site stopped displaying ads by showing blank ad space, though I noticed few impression like 1/1000 of page views which is very bad.

I log on my Adsense account only to discovered that I have a new notification from Google “upload ads.txt file on your site root folder” so that Google robot.tx will have the ability to crawl my site.

I got more confused with this again, I said to myself that this is probably what could have reduced the displaying of advert on my site.I did what was required of me and I still found myself on the same spot, No changes at all.

Then I decided searching online for what could have caused it, it got to a level where I had to press f12 on my keyboard while am on my web page to see if I have problem with the console that indicates advertisement placement, I.e the size modification but I still got nothing. I decided to check my email inbox and yet nothing.

I was opportune to fill a form on Google support with the screen shot of my blank page. To my greatest surprise, Google replied me after two days with that message below…


Dear Publisher,

Google is constantly investing in measures to protect and improve the experience for advertisers, publishers, and users of AdSense

As we have been unable to verify the quality of your traffic, your ad serving is currently being limited. Your sites or apps may experience less demand from Google while we continue to evaluate your traffic quality.

Please check out our help center on Invalid Traffic to learn about how to prevent invalid traffic and improve your traffic quality.

Best regards,




The solution to your problem is here, We will get your account running again, This site was also in the same problem days ago, now its has been resolved. Click the link below to get your Google Adsense Running Again.



Submit your website through comment box and state the issue you are facing from google.

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