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True Story “Buried Alive” If You Are Not Strong,Please Don’t Read

“What you are about to read are true stories about how many have been Buried Alive“. For some of us in our worst nightmare, we sometimes get buried alive. In these awful dream, our fist beat uselessly against the hard wood of the coffin and our heart breaks from the interrelate horror. Believe or not it is quite possible that our worst Nightmare could become a reality.

This incident occurred in the 1800s, it happened in kentucky, USA.

Octavia Hatcher buried alive
Octavia Hatcher

A young American woman by the name Octavia Hatcher was 20 years old when she gave birth to her first child. Jacob, she lost the child almost immediately, the poor woman was stricken with grieve. She sank into a long depression and then fell into a COMA and DIED a few days later. She was buried immediately.

It was very hot that summer, so the deceased were immediately “interred”, that is buried almost immediately after death. However, soon many citizen were struck by similar ailment, the patient fell into a COMA for several days but then came to their senses and recovered. Doctors suggested that they may have suffering from a disease called SLEEPING SICKNESS brought on by the bite from TSE-TSE FLY or perhaps by gas escaping from a coal mine. Seeing what what was happening, Octavia husband suggested that they might have buried his spouse alive.


He immediately asked for her body to be exhumed, when the coffin was opened, the man worst fear was confirmed. His wife face was twisted in Horror, she had scratched the lid of the coffin in despair trying to find a way out of the coffin. Her fingers were reduced just to skeleton nub, her face was all contorted. She had indeed been buried alive, Her husband wept bitterly but nothing could be done. Relatives of the Hatchers still disavow the story. “They said it was just a bunch of foolishness and nothing like that happened,”



        A year after Octavia’s death, James Hatcher had a life-size marble statue of his wife set atop her hilltop grave — an expensive gesture for the time. Later, he built the downtown Pike Hotel, choosing a spot where Octavia’s marble gaze would always watch over it and him. Still later he built the James Hatcher Hotel, with a small museum of local artifacts in its lobby. These included the photograph used to model Octavia’s statue, as well as James’s own custom-built coffin, designed to prevent him from being buried alive. He never remarried, outlived Octavia by nearly 50 years, and was buried at her feet. “There is a story that when he died a string was tied around his finger and run up above the ground,”. A bell was at the end of it, so that if he had been buried alive, someone would hear the bell.”

Imagine the pain and the tremendous agony his wife would have went through before her final death.


Judging by written evidence, there are a quite a number of people buried alive over the years, In 1786, one Professor Tours was present during the demolition of The Holy Innocent’s Cemetery in Paris from the 14 century, after the excavation of multiple graves, the professor saw that, many of the skeleton shows signs of having them moving in the coffins.

To him, many that were believed to be dead and interred, were actually still living before their final death. This story is actually creepy but imagine the reality of those buried alive go through.


     In 1817, Author John Snart In his book, Thesaurus Of Horror spoke of a certain Mr. Corniche who had died of a fever, after the end of the funeral that evening the grave diggers who had the chance to remain in the cemetery heard growns from underground. They quickly dug up the fresh mound of earth but they were too late. The man had already Died In Horrifying Agony with bloody scratches and scrapes over his higher body resulting from his struggle to escape.This evidence showed that He is buried Alive.

The sister of the unfortunate man was so afraid of what her brother went through in the coffin, she doesn’t wants to repeat the same fate as her brother, so she arranged her head to be cut off after her death.

In those days, fear were fully justified, if a human body became cold and Heart stopped beating, it was considered DEAD, this did not take into account a number of distinction we are now aware of. For example, sometimes a living person with severe hypothermia, the body temperature can drop to a critical point of 21°C or 70°F conversely.

In a person who have died of Cholera, the temperature may have rise for a short time. During an extreme lethargic sleep, the heart sometimes beat so quietly that the even experienced doctors with stethoscope cannot hear it. It is quite difficult for any doctor to recognize the weak sign of life in some patient with these diseases…

  • Asphyxiation
  • Carbon mono-oxide poisoning
  • some one endure Extreme Freezing
  • Heat Stroke
  • People struck by lightning
  • Concussion
  • Hysteria.

Often, only the decomposition of the body conclusively proof the person’s true demise. Due to this, In a number of countries, funerals are only allowed after three days after the death of the person but before they were refrigerated because with extreme heat, the body quickly smell unbearably.



In addition, in the olden days, Families of the deceased were forbidden to work until the deceased was interred. Not surprisingly, those who were poor are always in hurry to bury their deceased.

These days, Doctors have numerous advanced diagnostic method and techniques to serve them and its seems they shouldn’t be able to make mistakes nevertheless, social network and news sources still periodically blow up dreadful stories of those that have been buried alive.

Modern days Doctors sometimes incorrectly declare death due to their low qualifications or even simple negligence.


A Doctor in Brazil, Riachao das Neves declared  Rosangela Almeida Santos who is 37 years old had suffered a cardiac arrest before “dying” from septic shock. It was a mistake, at least that was what the relative of the woman said. 11days after the funeral, they were hearing scream coming from the grave. The relative unearth the body and found fresh bloody wounds on Rose forehead and hands, where she have been prying and scratching the coffin lid and baying her head in terror and frustration. In addition, her body was still warm and many of the nails on the lid of the coffin have been shakenly loosed, she was also buried alive. Fortunately such story have a slight happy ending.



In 1993, 24 year old South African Sipho William Mdletshe and his brother bride were involved in a car accident, the bride survived but the unfortunate bride groom was declared dead. The body was taken to the morgue were it was placed in a metal box. After several days, the man came woke up and manage to get mortuary workers to open the casket by beating and screaming in the metal box. Unfortunately, his bride did not return to him haven decided that the her husband has turned into a zombie. Well that is nothing compared to a lot of people that were confirmed dead and return back to life during the middle ages long time ago.



If those on earth have already been unfortunate to be presumed dead and buried alive, then suddenly return to life, they were considered to be vampires and there head were cut off, this was due to the superstition that the dead will rise at night from the grave to kill people and drink their blood. There are other instances of premature interment.


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No one can of course considered the 19 year old Frenchman Angelo Hays to be a vampire but he was one could resurrected from death. There was unusual situation that occurred when the guy was buried. After his supposedly death in a car accident. Shortly before the unfortunate incident happens, Angelo father has insured his son life for 200,000 francs. Angelo death looks suspicious and the insurance company insinuated he had possibly killed his son for the money.

A few days later at the request of the company, the body was exhumed. It turned out that the heart of the boy was still beating. After recovery, the enterprising Angelo begin to produce special coffins from which one could escape if one is presumed dead prematurely. But seriously, let’s considered the depth at which one is buried, it is 6 feet beneath the ground in a wooden coffin where no one is coming to help.

example to escape death  after buried alive
Beatrix escaped after been buried alive


In a film by Quentin Taratino titled “KILL BILL”, the main character Beatrix without undo difficulty in one of the scene, she cracked open the lid of her underground prison, she climbed up through the earth and ultimately escaped after been buried alive. In real life, things aren’t quite so simple.


buried shows buried alive example


   An American popular reality shows “MYTHBUSTERS” decided to try and recreate the experience people might have faced in been buried alive. They discovered that, only after powerful 600 blows on the lid can create a small hole on lid of a coffin neglecting the fact that it will be buried beneath the earth. According to their further research, only a successful lid breaker will be able to rise about 60cm which is 2 feet from 6 feet beneath the ground. That is only one third from the height.

One might wonder; “why even bury a body at such depth under a thick layer of earth”, but this has it own explanation.

If you find yourself in a similar situation, What do you think is the Best solution?

How To Survive Being Buried Alive

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