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Best Way To Make Money Through Snail Farming

Best Way To Make Money Through Snail Farming.

snail farming

Best Way Make Money Through Snail Farming is something I want to discuss and elaborate on, Many people believed that snail is irrelevant and not worth investing on.

I can say tell you right now that, Making money by investing on snail really worth it, because the advantages is much higher than the disadvantages. Also the risk involved in relatively small, Snails do not need huge capital neither manned.

Snail farming is one of the simplest work you could ever find yourself in because it does not require any form of expertise or professionalism at all so it is something anybody can do. Snails can be reared in snail pens or enclosures. There must be regular water supply when the pens are dry or if you are going for commercial you may get a sprinkler system to keep the snails moist and a drainage system, to provide light and shade, and to kill or keep out pests and predators

There are factors to be considered before making decision on Best Way To Make Money Through Snail Farming

Factors To Be Considered

1. Human activities

Human activities constitute the largest threat, followed by climatic conditions that affect the snails’ biodiversity and population of snails in a given region. Human consumption for snails ir relatively high and if control measure is not put in place, one easily run out of business.

2.Climatic conditions

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Excessive air movement and winds
  • Light Intensity

Temperature: It is a major factor that influences the activities of snails. Snail requires lower and moderate temperature for normal feeding and body functions.

Make sure the temperature ranges of between 23 – 28 degree celcious, it is more suitable for snails’ growth and development.

Snails may experience heat stress during hotter periods with high ambient environmental temperature. Heat posed a serious threat to snails population evenly snails under domestication,thereby reduces the economical value.

Humidity: Snails enjoy it when the atmospheric condition moist and cool. Such environmental condition is naturally achieved when it rains, the atmospheric air become moist with high relative humidity.

Snails responses is very high during this weather condition and are active at a relative humidity of between 70 – 90%.

Excessive air movement and winds: This is another climatic factor that may result in severe dehydration in snails and may cause them to retract into their shells, rather than feeding to gain weight and to breed. Prolong periods may cause the snails to go into aestivation which is a period of inactivity or dormancy in the life of snails

Light Intensity: Snail requires light for their activities such as feeding and breeding. Though snails are nocturnal animals, however they require light for some photo-biological processes essential in the energy level and food chain e.g. cellular digestion and photosynthesis. Day light is usually from the sun, longer periods of light stimulate and prompt snails into reproduction under favorable conditions.

3. Soil Type

Soil type Snails depend very much on the soil for their food and reproduction e.g. egg laying. They can hardly survive or thrive effectively in the absence of a suitable soil-type.

Soil plays a major role in snail’s housing. Soil composition, water content and texture are important factors you have to consider in selecting a site.

The snail’s shell is made up mainly of calcium which is derived from the soil and from feed. Snails also derive their water requirements mostly from the soil.

Snails lay their eggs by the digging the soil and to rest during the dry season. Because of all this factors it is crucial that the soil is loose and that its calcium and water content is high.

Heavy, clayey soil cannot be used because it becomes waterlogged in the rainy season and compacts during the dry season while also sandy soil is not advisable because of its low water holding capacity.

Soil that are too acidic should be avoided because acidity would interfere with the development of the snail’s shell but there is a solution for that if you are to use a too acidic soil u can neutralise it with lime.

The most desirable soil for snail farming is a soil with high organic matter it can support the growth and development of snails. This can be determined by checking the soil if it is a good growth of cocoyam, tomatoes and leafy vegetables.

You must make sure you loosened by tiling. Also. make sure that the soil is damp and not wet, though snail needs moisture you must make sure you drain water away if you are using a waterlogged area.

They require moist, aerated, easily drained, non waterlogged and non acidic soils. Soil rich in minerals contents and organic matters are good as too soil for snail farming after being sterilized to kill pathogens in the soils.

4. Diseases

  • Fungal diseases
  • Parasites
  • Bacterial diseases
  • Deficiency diseases

Fungal diseases mainly Fusarium Spp affects indigenous snail species native to West African region. They are susceptible this diseases causing agent. These diseases is commonly referred to as rosy eggs disease and the affect eggs turns reddish brown and die off.

Parasites such as Alluaudihella Flavicornis are diseases vectors to snails both in their wild and under domestication.

Bacterial diseases caused by Pseudomonas Spp especially Pseudomonas aeruginosa causes intestinal infections in snails. This disease affects snail’s normal growth and development processes.

Deficiency diseases, it occurs mostly in domesticated snails with poor feeding, as a result of lack of minerals nutrients especially calcium and phosphors. The affected snail’s shell turns white as a result of deficiency of calcium in their feeds over a longer period of time


5. Cannibalism: This mostly occurs in domesticated snails housed in pens. Older snails can eat, break the shells or fed on hatchlings as a source of nutrients especially calcium and water to avoid dehydration and for their survival. This occurs where snails are overcrowded and there is increased competition for food and space.

If have read about factors to be considered and things you might encountered when doing Snail Farming business.

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Now lets get you to the business part and teach you step by steps on how to rear snail from the scratch and start making your money.




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